Ever since I was a little girl; whenever I visited granny, out came the pot, in went the sugar, water, salt and flavoring... In very short order there would be a mound of the best tasting hard candy I ever had. Granny, the wife of a coal miner, lived in West Virginia her entire adult life. She was known throughout the town of Wharton for her mouth-watering hard candy and gifts of angels and eagles.  I often heard her say –

      “Honey, there are no strangers in life, only friends we haven’t met yet.”

In the same spirit, I give you this gift of angels and eagles along with the finest ingredient in the pot: simply… a never ending spirit of friendship.

I truly hope you enjoy!

Custom candies and packaging can be made to order! If you have a wedding or party coming up and want to give your guests something special, let us create a unique party favor for you. We can color the candy to match the theme, use boxes, organza bags, glass jars and anything your imagination can come up with! Let us help you create a special memory for your guests...

Candy is made to order. Store in a cool, dry place.

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We look forward to your business. May you always be blessed with the spirit of friendship.

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